How Do I Apply For an ITIN Online?


In this content, let’s give information about whether the ITIN application process is online or not. As you know, every company has its own tax number when it comes to taxes. For example, an identification number is issued by the government only for you. Tax numbers like these are also used for your companies and they are very important. Likewise, the situation in America is the same. In other words, everyone who is obliged to pay tax must also have a tax identification number of their own.

What are the ITIN Application Options?

There are 3 application options to obtain an ITIN at the IRS institution. We will describe these options below. By the way, the ITIN application is not made completely online. 

Send Original Documents to the IRS Address

First of all, you can download the W-7 form from the web page of the IRS website. You must fill out this form completely. You will also need the original of your unexpired passport. In addition to these, a document from the consulate stating that you are a foreigner is required. You can mail all of these documents to the address below.

Internal Revenue Service
Austin Service Center
ITIN Operation
P.O. Box 149342
Austin, TX 78714-9342

Meanwhile, all the original documents you submitted during the application will be returned to you within 60 days. The IRS advises that documents will be returned to the address on form W-7 following the processing of your ITIN application.

Organizations Authorized by the IRS

There are organizations authorized by the IRS for the ITIN number. If you do not want to deal with the application yourself as in the first option, let us offer you an easy way. You can use an intermediary company for a fee. The advantage is that the application process is faster. It’s also that you don’t have any liability to send the actual passport to the USA.

How to Fill Form W-7 for ITIN?

The IRS has extensive documentation to fill out the form. First, you can find the final PDF Form W-7 on the IRS website. (Although it is updated from time to time, you can check the version from this page).

If you want, you can get help from a consultancy firm that is professional in applying for an ITIN. The consultancy firm will assist you in all matters, including filling out the ITIN application form. Under normal circumstances, when the documents are correct and you fulfill all the conditions, your ITIN number will be mailed to your address on the W-7 form within an average of 7 weeks.

Why is an ITIN Required?

You now understand that an ITIN is required if you have a federal tax obligation.  Or if you need to file a federal return, you have to get ITIN. Accordingly, if one of the following definitions describes you, it means that there is an ITIN application requirement.

  • This number is required for you if you are someone who needs to file a USA tax return but is a non-US resident foreign.
  • You may have resided in the United States for a certain period of time. Accordingly, if you are a foreigner who will file a tax return, you must obtain an ITIN number.
  • Dependents (relatives) of a USA citizen should apply for this number.
  • An ITIN is required if you are a non-US visa holder, dependent, or spouse.
  • Foreign students, foreign professors or foreign researchers who need to file a tax return must apply for an ITIN.

In addition to the above items, foreigners doing business in the USA and dealing with E-commerce require an ITIN to open a commercial Paypal account. An ITIN application is not required to open a Stripe account. Stripe asks for an EIN during account opening and it is sufficient to write ‘0000’ and four zeros in the SSN part.