Filling W-7 Form is necessary to apply for an ITIN. An ITIN is a nine-digit number issued by the U.S. Internal Revenue Service (IRS). Having an ITIN is important issue for the individuals who are required for U.S. tax purposes to have U.S. taxpayer identification, yet, who are not eligible to obtain a Social Security Number. (SSN)

As we mentioned in our other articles, ITIN number is used for only tax purposes. It does not give you working rights in United States, entitle you to social security benefits or change your immigrant status. In addition to these, individuals are not eligible for the earned income credit (EIC) who are filing tax returns using an ITIN. They are not eligible for the making work pay and government retiree credits if they do not have a spouse who has an SSN filing joint return.

If you have already a social security number (SSN), or you are eligible to obtain an SSN, you do not have to complete Form W-7.

If you are a citizen of the United States or if you have permanent resident or U.S. employment confirmed by the United States that means you are eligible to obtain an SSN.

If you applied for an SSN and the application status is pending, do not file Form W-7. You may complete Form W-7 when your application is denied and cannot be issued.

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