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How to Get an ITIN Number?

How to Get an ITIN Number?


Or taxes, each company must have its own tax number.Just as an identification number is used only for you by the government, tax numbers are used for your companies and they are very important. Likewise, everyone who is liable to pay taxes in the United States must have a tax ID number of their own. In this content, you can find answers to all your questions about the ITIN application and how to get it.

What is an ITIN Application?

There are two types of individual tax ID numbers and both have the same format: 000/00/0000. 

The first of these two types is the social security number. This number is issued only to USA citizens, permanent residents, and people who have been in the USA for a limited time with a work permit. The second is the ITIN number, which means individual tax identification number.

At this point, we can say: The ITIN application is valid for anyone who needs a tax ID number but cannot obtain a social security number. ITIN numbers are very easy to identify as they all start with 9.Persons with this number are not deemed to have received permission to work in the USA. Likewise, they cannot benefit from social security rights in the USA.

Who Can Apply for an ITIN Number?

Meanwhile, the ITIN number is issued by the Internal Revenue Service (IRS). ITIN application can be made by the following persons:

  • Those who do not have and cannot obtain a Social Security Number; but foreign nationals who are liable to file taxes in the United States
  • Not a USA resident who is not eligible for a Social Security Number; but people who need to file tax returns to get a tax refund
  • Persons who have come to the USA for the purpose of settling and who will file a tax return
  • Dependents or their wives of US citizens or foreign nationals who have come to the USA to settle, who are required to file a federal tax return
  • Dependents or spouses of non-USA visa holders are required to file a tax refund

The ITIN number application is not very old. This program started to be implemented in 1996. The goal is to ensure that people without a Social Security Number can also file tax returns in accordance with USA law.

The point to remember here is that ITIN application and obtaining the number do not give you the right to work or earn an income in the USA. In addition, the ITIN number has nothing to do with social security rights.

How to Get an ITIN?

Everyone who has the above characteristics must apply for the ITIN number separately. For example, a separate ITIN number is also needed for your dependents. In addition to these, there are a few other situations where you may need an ITIN, and they are all related to taxes.

For example, when you want to open a bank account belonging to your company, the bank will ask you for a tax identification number for the work you do. In addition, the bank may also ask for the tax ID numbers of the people who opened this account; in this case you should also made ITIN application.

In the meantime, it is useful to specify the areas where this number will not be used. As the name suggests, the ITIN is a tax identification number; so its whole function is related to tax. This number is not used by any other United States entity except for tax purposes.

Need help getting your ITIN number? This number can be obtained online through a form to be completed on the IRS website. However, because of the complexity of the form and the fact that the process is not easily known by a stranger, it is often useful to seek help. If you are having problems with ITIN application; or if you want to get help in the first place, you can contact the consultancy firms that provide services in this regard.