How Long Does It Take To Get an ITIN Number?

How Long Does It Take To Get an ITIN Number?

The individual taxpayer identification number (ITIN) is a tax number obtained under the name of the ITIN application. This number is issued by the IRS for your tax purposes. This tax number, which belongs to the individual, consists of nine digits in total. It also always starts with the number 9.

This number is a tax number used in the United States and is given to people who are taxpayers but do not have or cannot have a social security number (SSN). This tax number is issued regardless of immigration status. For this reason; both those living in the USA and those living outside the USA may have tax responsibilities in the USA. 

How to Get an ITIN Number?

How to get an ITIN number? Fill in form W-7. To obtain an ITIN number, you must have at least one of the following documents:

  • Identification
  • Driver’s License from your country or USA
  • Birth certificate for children under 18
  • Passport
  • Identity card of any USA state
  • Military ID
  • Visa

After preparing the required documents, you should fill out the W-7 form as part of the ITIN application. You can download this form from the official page of the IRS. Both English and Spanish versions are available.

Include your tax return document when filling out the W-7 form to get an ITIN number. You need an ITIN number to file tax returns in the USA. However, fortunately, you can file your tax return simultaneously while applying for an ITIN number. After completing the W-7 form, you can attach your tax return to your ITIN application. However, if you do not have any tax returns, you can apply for an ITIN number by simply submitting the W-7 form along with the basic documents.

How Can I Find Out If I Need an ITIN?

If you do not have or do not meet the requirements to have an American social security number (SSN), but you must have a federal tax identification number in the United States and you must file a tax return. If necessary, you must apply for an ITIN.

If you have applied for a USA social security number, do not apply for an ITIN number at the same time. Before starting for an ITIN application ask if you can obtain a social security number from the SSA. If the SSA officials tell you that you cannot obtain this number, apply for the ITIN.

When and How Can I Get My ITIN Number?

You can make your application with a consulting firm with a professional team. The firm will deliver the application results to you digitally within 11-14 weeks. In addition, the IRS will send your ITIN number with a notification in approximately eight weeks.

Getting an ITIN number is somewhat difficult and complicated. It will be easy for you to obtain an ITIN number with a professional team. To start your ITIN application immediately, you can contact the consultancy firm by filling out a form or by calling. Since the consultancy firm will apply on your behalf, it will be sufficient to send only a color scan of your passport.

In short; ‘How long does it take to get an ITIN number?’ the answer to the question will vary depending on whether you receive support from the consultancy firm when applying for an ITIN. Because if you are going to apply as an individual and you do not have any information about the application, your period may take longer. However, if you receive support from a consultancy firm, you only need to provide the necessary information to the firm. The consultancy firm will follow the ITIN application process for you and conclude the process professionally.