How to Get EIN Number Fast (Quickly)?

How to Get EIN Number Fast (Quickly)?

Normally, non-USA citizens begin the EIN application process by completing an SS4 form and faxing it to the IRS. Then they wait a few weeks for their EIN number to arrive. But there is another way to get an EIN faster, by calling the IRS by phone.

In this content, you can read all the details about getting a fast EIN and what you should and shouldn’t do during the application process.

Preparations Before Getting a Fast EIN Number

If you don’t want to wait a few weeks and your business is urgent, you can quickly get an EIN for your company from IRS.  First of all, you need to prepare the following requirements in advance. We recommend that you have all these items ready and then call the IRS.

You must make the following preparations before calling the IRS as part of the EIN application process:

  • Get a foreign phone or USA virtual phone number
  • Be prepared for the questions you will be asked on the phone
  • Say you want to receive your EIN number by fax
  • Make a phone call in the appropriate time zone

Let us explain these items in detail under the headings.

An International Telephone

You will make a call abroad the phone line created by the IRS for foreigners is chargeable. When you make a call, the line will likely be busy. For this reason, this phone call may cost you a little, as your waiting times can be up to 1 hour.

To make it a little more affordable, you can get a virtual phone number with a US area code. For your EIN application process, activate your account in your virtual phone application, get a number and talk to America economically by loading credit. You can also continue to use this virtual account for your LLC in the USA later on.

Each Piece of Information in Form SS4

When you call the IRS on the phone, you will be kept on the phone for a while due to the busyness of the line. Be patient at this stage and wait for an authorized person to connect to the phone. Specify that you want an EIN number for your newly created LLC when connected to an authorized telephone. After that, the authorized person will ask you for some information.

To prepare for these questions, complete an SS4 form before making the IRS call. In this way, for quickly EIN application fill out your SS4 form as if you were sending a fax and get a printout. They will ask you all the items of an SS4 form from start to finish and you will read these items to them. After this process, they will give you an EIN number and the process will be completed. So you can get an EIN quickly.

Fax Number with a US Area Code

One of the most important points is to have a document belonging to an EIN application. When an EIN is assigned over the phone, sometimes they may not send your EIN confirmation document to your address, even though you provide your USA business address. This document is important and you will need it in the future. 

For example, when opening a bank account, in your accounting transactions, for your Stripe account or when you need to present your EIN proof document to another institution, you must have your EIN result document in hand.

In order not to face this problem and not to leave the job to chance, as there may be a possibility that the documents may not arrive in the future, ask the person on the phone to send 147 C before finalizing the transaction.

Calling at The Appropriate Time 

You cannot call this line allocated to foreigners, which I will give you below, all day. You should call between 7:00 and 19:00 on weekdays according to local time. In short, it would be appropriate to call after 18:00 according to Turkey time.

Quick and same-day EIN on the phone +12679411099.

As we mentioned at the beginning, this number is available to people calling from outside the USA, namely you, for the EIN application process.