ITIN Application Requirements

ITIN Application Requirements

The IRS (Revenue Administration) requires individuals for ITIN application to comply with US tax laws if they do not have an SSN (social security number). This number is provided so that foreigners can pay their taxes individually, regardless of their immigration status, whether they reside in the United States or not. 

Foreign individuals may have to file with the IRS for tax purposes for any reason, and this is where the ITIN is needed. The ITIN number serves no purpose other than federal taxation. The ITIN number is often confused with the EIN number, but EIN and ITIN are different from each other.

You may have heard of ITIN number many times before, but if you have no idea what exactly it does, you can take advantage of this content we have prepared for you.

Why Should I Apply for ITIN?

You now understand that an ITIN number is required if you have a federal tax obligation or need to file a federal return. Accordingly, if one of the definitions below describes you, apply for the ITIN without delay.

  • If you are a foreigner who needs to file a tax return in the US but does not have a US domicile,
  • If you are a foreigner who has resided in the United States for a certain period of time and is filing a tax return,
  • If you are dependent on a US citizen (relatives),
  • Your dependent or spouse as a non-USA visa holder,
  • If you are a foreign student, professor or researcher who needs to file a tax return, you have to start ITIN application.

In addition to the above items, let’s note: If you are a foreigner doing business in the USA and dealing with e-commerce, an ITIN is required to open a business paypal account. You do not need an ITIN to open a stripe account. You will need an EIN number to open a stripe account.

What Cannot Be Done With ITIN Number?

  • Obtaining a work permit in the USA
  • Getting a residence permit in the USA
  • Use Social Security benefits
  • Qualifying for income tax credits

ITIN cannot be used for the above items, and it cannot be assumed that these rights will be used when having an ITIN number.

What Are ITIN Application Options?

There are three ITIN application options to get an ITIN number from the IRS, let’s evaluate these options item by item.

  • ITIN Application Option 1

Have a completed W-7 form, an original of an unexpired passport, a proof that you are a foreign individual that you can get from the consulate. You can mail them all to the address of the IRS agency.

All original documents, including the passport that you submitted during the application will be returned to you within 60 days. The IRS ensures that documents are returned to the address on form W-7 after your application has been processed. If the documents do not reach you within 60 days, you can apply to the ITIN operation center within the IRS by phone.

  • ITIN Application Option 2

The above option is a free and self-explanatory method that costs only one posting fee. However, there are organizations authorized by the IRS to provide this ITIN. If you do not want to run this process yourself, you can use our services. The advantage is that it is faster and there is no need to mail the original of the passport to the USA. 

  • ITIN Application Option 3

You can also get the ITIN in person when you visit the USA by making an appointment with the IRS. In this way, there will be no need to submit a foreign status document and passport. The IRS will send the application received in this way to the postal address you specified when the application is finalized.

As you read in our content, getting support from a professional agency, which is one of the three options to obtain an ITIN number, will prevent you from taking a missing or wrong step in the ITIN application period.


What documents are needed to apply for an ITIN?

The number of documents accepted by the IRS as proof of identity and foreign status to obtain an ITIN is 13.

Each document must be current and contain an expiration date. If there is no expiration date, the IRS will accept documents filed within 12 months of application.

Documents must include name and photograph and support your claim for foreign status. Acceptable docemnets;

  • Passport (stand-alone document) 
  • National identification card (must show photo, name, current address, date of birth, and expiration date)
  • U.S. driver’s license
  • Civil birth certificate (required for dependents under 18 years of age)
  • Foreign driver’s license
  • U.S. state identification card
  • Foreign voter’s registration card
  • U.S. military identification card
  • Foreign military identification card
  • Visa
  • U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) photo identification
  • Medical records (dependents only – under 6)
  • School records (dependents only – under 14, under 18 if a student)

What is required to apply for an ITIN?

The IRS announced changes to the ITIN process. This announced effects the revisions to ITIN application standards. Now every ITIN candidate:

  • Apply using the current Form W-7, Application for IRS Individual Taxpayer Identification Number; and
  • Attach a federal income tax return to the Form W-7 
  • Qualify under an Exception to the federal tax filing requirement.

You can submit Form W-7, Application for an IRS Individual Taxpayer Identification Number (ITIN), with your federal income tax return. You must also attach original documents or certified copies from the issuing institution to prove your identity and foreigner status.