Banks That Accept ITIN Numbers

Banks That Accept ITIN Numbers

Many US banks and credit unions will accept an ITIN number for you to open savings accounts, personal checking accounts, loans. If you are an immigrant to the United States and do not have a SSN number, you can apply for an ITIN for free from the IRS service. This important number will give you access to financial services. It will be possible for you to open a checking account or carry out transactions related to your own business. In this content, we explain the banks that accept an ITIN number.

Below you will find a list of US banks that accept an ITIN. We will also disclose whether these banks apply online or not. In addition, we specify other registration requirements of these banks in our content.


Citibank offers various advantages to its customers. It offers a variety of financial services and products such as lines of credit, credit cards, business loans, and much more. This bank accepts the ITIN number online as well as at the branch for you to open an account. You must be a resident of the USA for this. Or you must have a physical US address. In order to apply, you must have sufficient knowledge of the business.


Chase is an institution where you can apply for a credit card using the ITIN Number. You can make this application online. All you have to do is open a Chase Total Checking account. Then set up your deposit. You can also apply to the Chase financial institution by visiting the branch or online. 2 forms of identification are required. You must also provide proof that you are a US resident. With the Chase QuickDeposit app, you can deposit checks virtually.

Wells Fargo 

Well Fargo provides quality financial services. You can also handle your transactions with online banking. This financial institution; it has a wide range of services such as personal loans, automobile loans, home loans, credit cards, investment. To use these services, you must provide valid identification, such as a state ID or driver’s license. You can go to the branch to apply, and you can also apply online. It also allows you to open an account using the ITIN.

US Bank 

US Bank is a professional and quality financial institution. It offers its customers five types of checking accounts. You can use your ITIN number to open a checking account at US Bank. By the way there is no online application option. You have to go to the branch and apply. You must also present proof to the bank. For this, you can submit data such as your identity and residence address given to you by the state to the bank.


As you know, HSBC is an international bank. It offers you many banking services. These include bank accounts, cards, insurance, mortgages, investment options, and online banking services. Using the ITIN, you have the opportunity to open a US account at the HSBC branch in your country. You need to provide US contact information, employment information, and bank account.


This bank offers many conveniences to its customers. It accepts transactions with an ITIN number. For this, open an online account at this bank. To do this, you must be a citizen of the United States. Or you must have a permanent residence address. You can apply online or at the branch of the bank. It is a bank that does not require any monthly maintenance fee. By the way Ally accepts ITIN for bank accounts only. In short, it does not accept your ITIN for Ally Invest accounts.

By obtaining an ITIN, you can make many applications in the USA where this number is required. You can also use an ITIN to open an account with a trusted bank in the USA. The important thing here is that you get the ITIN number for bank transactions and apply to a bank according to the information above.

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