Can I Work Legally With an ITIN?

Can I Work Legally With an ITIN


Let’s first say that in the USA the ITIN number was created for tax purposes. Depending on the title, ’Can I work legally with an ITIN?’ we can say that: The ITIN tax number is for foreign nationals and those who do not have an SSN number. Thus, these individuals can comply with US tax laws. The IRS service created the ITIN number system in 1996. In this content, let’s explain whether the ITIN number is sufficient for foreign people to work legally in the USA.

Who Needs an ITIN Number?

Many immigrants in the US have an ITIN tax number. Persons who do not have a legal status in this country can obtain this tax number. However, what can people who have legal status in the country and who have to pay taxes do? These people need to get an SSN number. However, if they are not eligible to obtain an SSN number, they must apply for an ITIN number. Let’s list the ones that need to get an ITIN under the ‘Can I work legally with an ITIN?’ heading:

  • You may be a legal resident of the United States as a foreign national. In such a case, you may have to pay taxes based on the number of days in the US. If you are in this status, you must have an ITIN number.
  • You can become a foreign student, researcher, or professor in the United States. You may also not qualify for the SSN tax number to file taxes. In this case, you must apply for an ITIN for your tax transactions.
  • Depending on the title ‘Can I work legally with an ITIN?’ we can say that: You can be a dependent or spouse of a US citizen. You should also apply for the ITIN number if you are the dependent or spouse of someone with a temporary visa in the USA.

An ITIN does not Provide Work Authorization

Generally, people use the SSN number for things like getting a loan or opening a bank account. Individuals identify themselves with their SSN number in order to receive these services. However, the primary purpose of the SSN number is to authorize the government to collect taxes. It is also to authorize employment eligibility. 

In the scope of the title, ‘Can I work legally with an ITIN?’ we can say that:  ITIN numbers are for tax purposes. Those who are not eligible to obtain an SSN number can obtain an ITIN number from the IRS so that they can properly pay their taxes. In addition, thanks to this number, the payments are kept under record. 

ITIN does not allow withholding taxes. Also, this tax number cannot be used in W2 filing. The ITIN number can be used to file 1099. In the scope of the title, ‘Can I work legally with an ITIN?’ we can say that:  Having an ITIN is not a sufficient reason to be allowed to work in the USA. This number does not provide eligibility for Social Security Benefits. It also does not qualify for the Earned Income Tax Credit.

Is the ITIN a Way to Track Undocumented Immigrants?

The ITIN number is not an immigration application related tool. This number is designed to facilitate tax payment. Also, the IRS generally does not share personal information with immigration enforcement agencies for those seeking an ITIN. This is very important in terms of tax compliance.

The US tax system values ​​taxpayer privacy. Applicants provide their personal information for an ITIN to the IRS. In the scope of the title, ‘Can I work legally with an ITIN?’ we can say that:  Section 6103 of the Internal Revenue Code contains the following details. The IRS agency may provide information to the Treasury Department as part of tax administration investigations. It may also be provided under a court order regarding a non-tax situation. Other than these, the IRS may not provide taxpayer information to other government agencies.