Where Can I Find My ITIN Number?

Where Can I Find My ITIN Number?

Everyone who is liable to pay taxes in the United States must also have a tax ID (SSN or ITIN) number of their own. There are actually two types of individual tax ID numbers and both have the same format. The first of these two types is the social security number. This number is only issued to US citizens, permanent residents of the US, and people who have been in the US for a limited time with a work permit. The other number is the tax number obtained as a result of the ITIN application process.

Renew ITIN Number

ITIN numbers given to individuals are only used in US tax reporting. Therefore, an individual tax number (ITIN) does not grant you a work permit in the United States. It also does not offer the opportunity to benefit from social benefits. However, it is possible to open a bank account in the USA or apply for a mortgage loan with an ITIN number.

If you want to file a tax return with the USA tax authority, your ITIN number that you have not used in the last 3 years expires at the end of the 3rd year. In addition, if you got a number as a result of an ITIN application before 2013, the IRS applies a renewal program for your number. Accordingly, the validity of your ITIN number, whose middle digits are 88, 86, 85, 84 or 83, expires at the end of 2019 (for example, 9xx-88-xxxx)

If you have an expired ITIN, you must renew it before filing a tax return. Because this will be handled by the IRS, which is responsible for tax return processing. Also, tax refund payments will likely be delayed due to an expired ITIN. This will result in you not benefiting from some tax deductions.

Get ITIN Number Practical and Quickly

Your individual tax number (ITIN) is issued by the IRS if you meet the requirements. To obtain this number, your application process must be completed correctly. You can apply directly to the IRS individually to obtain an ITIN. In addition, by getting professional support, you can prevent you from making mistakes and make your process more practical and faster. There are professional consulting companies following the ITIN application period.

You can get this number online through a form you fill out on the IRS website. If you are having problems with the application process; or if you want to get help for the first transactions, you should get help from a consultancy firm that does its job well and fast.

How Does a Professional Consulting Firm Get Your ITIN Number?

The IRS has authorized professional consulting agencies to obtain an individual tax number (ITIN) on your behalf. With the service you will receive from a quality and reliable consultancy agency, your ITIN application is processed before your individual application.

Consulting firms authorized to obtain your ITIN number apply the following:

  • First, the consulting firm examines your situation. This determines whether you need to get an ITIN. Then, if you need to get an ITIN number, it analyzes whether you meet the conditions.
  • The consultancy firm approves the accuracy of the documents to be sent with the ITIN application for primary and secondary applicants.
  • The consultancy firm will assist you if the applications of your dependents are required. For this, the company from which you receive support will ensure that the original documents or copies approved by the issuing authority are sent to the IRS.
  • Consulting firms fill out the application form (IRS W-7 Form) for you and apply to the IRS on your behalf.

As a result; a professional consulting firm contacts the IRS directly on your behalf regarding your ITIN application and obtains your Individual Tax Number (ITIN) directly from the IRS.