What Do I Do If I Lose My ITIN Number?


What Do I Do If I Lose My ITIN Number 2

Based on the ITIN application, the ITIN number is assigned to taxpayers who are foreigners in the USA to fulfill their tax obligations. They also avoid penalties for non-compliance with the ITIN. 

The ITIN is issued regardless of whether you have a permanent residence in the country, especially if you are a foreign person. 

Because of that an ITIN is required to file your federal income tax return. It would be extremely inconvenient to lose your ITIN number. However, losing this number is a common occurrence. In the meantime, it is possible to get your ITIN number from the IRS. This content will tell you what to do for your lost ITIN number.

I Lose My ITIN Number

First, do not fill out another W-7 form by going to the IRS website. Most people who lose their ITIN do this as a first step. But this will only confuse you for the process. If you lose your ITIN number obtained as part of the ITIN application process, you will need to contact the IRS. If your ITIN has not expired, getting it from the IRS is simple:

  • First, call the IRS toll-free helpline at 800-829-1040.
  • Then verify your identity by answering security questions.
  • Finally, follow the instructions to get your ITIN number.

If the IRS cannot tell you your ITIN number, your ITIN number has most likely expired. This may be because you haven’t used your ITIN number to file tax returns in a few years. In this case, you will need for a new ITIN application. The following section will explain the process of obtaining a new ITIN.

Expired ITIN Number

If your ITIN number has expired, apply to renew it. There are three ways to apply for a new or renewed ITIN number with the IRS. Check below on how to renew the ITIN number.

Apply for New ITIN Number by Mail

Below we have listed some instructions for you. You can then apply for a new ITIN by mail.

  • You have to go ‘’ on the Internet.
  • From IRS page download a W-7 form then print the form.
  • Then fill in the W-7 form with all requested questions.
  • Gather other documents required for the ITIN application.
  • Finally, mail your fully completed W-7 form and other requested documents to the ITIN operations center.

An important detail is that the IRS will ask you to send your original documents by mail to complete this application. If you send certified copies, which you must remember, they will not be accepted. You may not want to risk mailing important originals. You may also need important documents within 14 weeks of the application. For this, it is better to use one of the face-to-face methods for the ITIN application.

New ITIN Application with Acceptance Agent

There are Confirmatory Admission agents authorized by the IRS. Make an individual application for a new ITIN number through these agencies. If you use this method, you will still need to prepare and show the agent the original documents required. 

Certifying the representative at the admissions agency will receive copies of the original documents. The agent will approve these documents for your application. There are Admission Agents for ITIN application within and outside the United States. To find a list of these, visit the IRS website.

New ITIN Application at IRS Assistance Center

If you want to get a new ITIN number, let’s talk about a third way. You can contact the IRS Help Center for the ITIN number. As with the Admissions Agent we mentioned above, you don’t need to mail any documents. Simply submit your completed Form W-7 and other documents to the IRS representative at Headquarters. According to ITIN application once you have completed this process, the IRS will send you new ITIN number by mail.