What Do I Do If I Lose My EIN Number?


It is common for business owners to misplace their EIN (employer (federal) identification number). If you forgot or lost your EIN number, according to EIN application online you can get it again. This content is about the steps you need to take to get your lost EIN numbers back.

What to Do for a Lost EIN?

If you previously applied for and received an (EIN) for your business and later lost it, here’s how to find the number:

  • When you apply for an EIN number, it will be a computer-generated notice issued by the IRS. You should find this notification. This notification indicates the acceptance of your application. It is also a confirmation that you have an EIN number.
  • According to EIN application you may have used your EIN number to open a bank account. You may also have used it to apply for any type of state or local license. You must contact the bank or agency to find your lost EIN number.
  • If you’ve ever lost your EIN number in any way and need to find it, you can try this: If you filed a statement for your current business, you should find it. Your business must have a pre-filed tax return. Also, your previously filed return is noted along with your EIN number. According to EIN application you can find your lost EIN number from these documents.
  • Let’s say in this last item: Call the Business and Private Tax Line and request your EIN number from the IRS. Meanwhile, the Business and Special Tax Line for the US is 800-829-4933. The working hours of this establishment are between 07:00 – 19:00 (local time) and it is an establishment working from Monday to Friday. When you call, an assistant will ask for your credentials. You must be an authorized person to receive this information. So he will give you the number over the phone. Examples of authorized persons include: sole proprietor, partners, a partner, a company officer.

Call the Consultancy Firm You Receive Service from

In the meantime, you may have received your lost EIN number through a consultancy firm. If so, you need to reach out to the consulting firm as it may be easiest to ask them to resend your EIN number. In most cases, any EIN consulting firm will simply forward your federal (employer) tax identification number to your existing contact email on file. Doing so is for your own safety. If you have not received an EIN service for an EIN application, you must refer to the methods listed above.

If you have not previously obtained an EIN number, consulting firms will assist you. This EIN number is valid for the life of your company. The EIN number allows you to legally conduct business activities, especially in the United States. Also, the EIN causes you to open a USA bank account.

 In addition, it allows you to get credit and hire employees. In short, the EIN number enables much more for your business. For people with a USA Social Security number, consulting firms receive the EIN number within a few business days. In addition, according to EIN application an EIN number will be obtained within 45 business days for individuals without a USA Social Security number.

EIN Number is an Important Unique Identifier for Your Business 

As a business owner, you have many tricks to follow. Your stack of papers on your desk may always seem overflowing, from employee information to job invoices. For this intensity, you may have lost your EIN number, which is important for your business. So how do you find this number? As you know, the EIN number is an important unique identifier for your business on your tax return. This tax number is a digital business tax number consisting of nine digits.

In short, when you lose this number, which is an integral part of your business’s daily business operations, there are easy ways to find it. In this content, we have explained how to find this number again depending on the EIN application process.