Do EIN Numbers Expire?

Do EIN Numbers Expire?

Do EIN numbers expire question is frequently asked during the application process. People applying for an EIN also ask whether the EIN can be revoked after a particular use. We can also answer the do EIN numbers expire question in line with our area of expertise.

This article contains all the valuable answers compiled for the do EIN numbers expire question. In addition to the question do EIN numbers expire, you can find answers to questions such as do federal tax ID numbers expire in this article.

Does an EIN Ever Expire?

We can give a negative answer to the question of do employer identification numbers expire. Once the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) assigns an EIN to a business, it is permanent and will not be reissued to another business. 

However, the IRS may deactivate an EIN if it is not used for a certain period of time or if the business fails to file required tax returns. If an EIN is deactivated, it can be reactivated by submitting a new application to the IRS.

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Can A EIN Numbers Expire – Do EIN Numbers Expire?

The EIN can be used without any deactivated status unless an emergency exists. If your EIN application to the IRS is successful, you can always use your number. So you only need to get your company’s EIN number once. You can then revoke your EIN number if you wish.

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Can I Use My Old EIN Number for a New Business?

If you are starting a new business but have an existing EIN (Employer Identification Number), you can use your old EIN for your new business. However, there are some factors to consider:

  • Business Type: If you are changing your business entity, you must apply for a new EIN.
  • Ownership: If the ownership of the business has changed, you will need to apply for a new EIN.
  • Tax Filing Status: If you are changing the tax status of your business, you will need to apply for a new EIN.
  • Bank Account: Some financial institutions may require a new EIN for a new business account, even if the old EIN is still valid.

So, based on the information above, we can answer no to the question of do EIN numbers expire.

How Do I Reactive My EIN Number?

If you have an EIN that has been assigned to your business but has been inactive for some time, you can reactivate it by following these steps:

  • Determine if your EIN is still active: You can verify the status of your EIN by calling the IRS Business and Specialty Tax Line at 800-829-4933. They can confirm whether your EIN is still active or has been deactivated.
  • Submit a new application: If your EIN has been deactivated, you must apply for a new one by submitting a new application to the IRS. You can apply online, by mail, or by fax. You must provide the same information you provided when you first applied for your EIN, such as your business name, address, and type of business.
  • Update any necessary records.

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