What is an SS-4 Form?

For those who form their businesses, trusts, NGO’s and other organizations, they are in need to fill SS – 4 form. It is the form used for applying for an Employee Identification Number – EIN. As known that EIN is used for tax filing and reporting purposes.


SS – 4 form is needed for EIN. We mean the fact that to get EIN, it is obligatory to fill SS – 4 form. EINs are assigned by the IRS to identify entities for tax purposes and other purposes we mention before. Do you need an EIN? Order today, it’s only 49 USD.


You have to fill out SS – 4 form if you have never obtained an EIN for your organization and if;


– Your company pays the wages of employees. It doesn’t matter there is only one or more.

– Even if you don’t act as an employer, you need an EIN to use on any IRS return or statement.

– You are planning to file a Schedule C, F or Form 1040.


If you have no employee, you may need to file an SS – 4 if you are forming and of the following entities;


– Partnership

– Corporation

– Real Estate Mortgage Investment Conduit

– Estate

– Trust


– Personal service organization

– Church – controlled organization


Sometimes filling out SS – 4 form can be confusing. We make more accessible the way to fill out that form and offer the convenience of filling for your business organization.


To provide financial stability, Filling out the SS – 4 form is the first step. When you submit your SS – 4 form, you will be able to get an EIN. This number can be easily obtained by correctly filling out your SS – 4 the first time.


Briefly, SS – 4 form is must get EIN. You can also get EIN number with ein-itin.com

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