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What is an SS-4 Form?

What is an SS-4 Form?

For those who form their businesses, trusts, NGO’s and other organizations, they are required to fill out the SS – 4 form. It is the form used for applying for an Employee Identification Number – EIN. The EIN is used for tax filing and reporting purposes.

The SS – 4 form is needed for an EIN. We mean the fact that to get an EIN, it is obligatory to fill SS – 4 form. EINs are assigned by the IRS to identify entities for tax purposes and other purposes we mentioned before. Do you need an EIN? Order today, it’s only $65 USD.

You have to fill out the SS – 4 form if you have never obtained an EIN for your organization and if:

– Your company pays the wages of an employee(s).

– Even if you don’t act as an employer, you need an EIN to use on any IRS return or statement.

– You are planning to file a Schedule C, F or Form 1040.

If you have no employees, you may need to file an SS – 4 if you are forming and of the following entities:

– Partnership

– Corporation

– Real Estate Mortgage Investment Conduit

– Estate

– Trust


– Personal service organization

– Church – controlled organization

Sometimes filling out the SS – 4 form can be confusing. We make a more accessible way to fill out that form and offer the convenience of filling for your business organization.

To provide financial stability, filling out the SS – 4 form is the first step. When you submit your SS – 4 form, you will be able to get an EIN. This number can be easily obtained by correctly filling out your SS – 4 the first time.

Briefly, SS – 4 form is must get EIN. You can also get EIN number at https://ein-itin.com/product/ein-application/