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What Do You Need for an Amazon Seller Account?

Amazon is the world’s largest e-commerce platform with over 500 million customers and over 50 million vendors. Many companies in the United States are closing their stores and making tens of millions of dollars every day, selling only from Amazon. So, what is the most guaranteed way to open a seller account on Amazon?

In recent years, Amazon has accepted vendor applications as if it were opening a regular website membership, and now has tightened the business, and has gone through a rigorous check on vendors outside the United States to accept seller account applications.

If you are planning a serious future in Amazon, and you want to move your business completely to Amazon, you must first establish a company.

If you open your Amazon seller account after setting up your company, your account will be easier to approve. Because with the EIN tax number you will get when you set up your company, you will start to be a questionable person in online databases. You can start your company today by spending only $179 without visiting the United States. Yes, it is really that easy.

Steps to Open an Amazon Seller Account

  1. Company Formation

The information about the company includes information such as tax number, address information, chamber of commerce registration number, and these are required to formalize your sales.

  • Obtaining Employer Identification Number (EIN)

Amazon requires you to obtain an EIN in order to identify the seller. To see more check out our blog.

  • US Bank Account

You will need a valid credit card and a US bank account. This account is used to receive revenue from your sales.

  • US Phone Number

You can obtain a US Phone Number to communicate, receive confirmation SMS. It is better to keep a US Phone Number other than your local one. You can easily contact Amazon in this way if you think something is wrong. We can help you to get a US Phone Number. Please feel free to contact us!

If you need any help getting your EIN number to sell on Amazon please call us at 1-302-384-1087, or email us at [email protected]