What is an EIN? Do I Have to Get One?

What is an EIN? Do I Have to Get One?

An EIN is an employee identification number, which is similar to a federal tax ID that’s given by the IRS. EIN is a nine-digit number like a social security number. The IRS uses it for tax purposes. It is a type of federal tax ID or government tax ID. It is formatted like 12-3456789.

To get an EIN, you are required to fill out an SS – 4 form. This form is free, and filing it is also free. However, filling out can be a little bit confusing. We can assist you to fill that form and file the documents required.

Many different organizations must have Federal tax IDs. These organizations are:

– Sole proprietorships


– Partnerships

– Corporations

– S-corporations

– Trusts

– Church – controlled organizations

– Estates

– Non-profits

– Some other business entities

On the other hand, it is obligatory to get an EIN if

– Start a Keogh Plan

– Bid for a federal government contract

– Form an LLC, corporation or partnership

– Start a business line of credit

– Open a business bank account

– Pay one or more employees

– Pay taxes