Can I Apply for an ITIN Online?


You need to know the ITIN application process for the ITIN number required for tax purposes in the USA.  Also there is no time or season for this application. So, you can apply for an ITIN number at any time. When you need an ITIN number, you can fill out the W-7 form and send this form to the IRS along with a real passport document and a foreign status document (can be obtained from the Consulate).

Who Needs to Get an ITIN?

The USA issues an ITIN number to foreign nationals who are not entitled to a social security number (SSN). There is an organization called the IRS for this. Also, the IRS issues an ITIN to those who need to file federal tax returns. In short, there are foreigners who are required to file tax returns only to receive a tax refund under USA tax provisions. However, these foreigners are not entitled to receive SSN number. At this point, foreigners have to obtain an ITIN number.

Other examples of individuals who need an ITIN application are as follows:

  • Foreign person required to file US tax returns
  • US resident filing US tax returns
  • Dependent or spouse of a US citizen
  • The person or spouse of the foreign visa holder

How to Apply for an ITIN Number?

You have 3 application options to obtain an ITIN number from the IRS. Let’s consider these options item by item.

  1. You can send your documents to the ‘Internal Revenue Service’ by yourself: You can find the W-7 form on the IRS agency’s website. According to ITIN application fills out the W-7 form. Print and sign a PDF of this form. Include the original of your unexpired passport alongside your W-7 form. It is also required a document proving that you are a foreigner, which you can get from the consulate. In short, send all the documents listed above to the address of the IRS institution.
  2. You can get support from consultancy firms for the ITIN number: The first option above is a free method that you can use with your own efforts. You also only pay a postage fee. However, there are consulting firms authorized by the IRS for the ITIN application process. If you do not want to deal with this application process yourself, you can get support from the consultancy firm for a fee. The advantage of this method is that it is faster. Also, there is no obligation to mail the authenticity of the passport to the USA. As a result, consultancy firms will finalize your transactions in a short time without getting tired, as they are experts in this field.
  3. Finally; you can also start the ITIN application at a time when you are visiting the USA: You must first make an appointment with the IRS. If you want to get an ITIN with this method, you do not need to submit a foreign status document. In addition, you will not be obliged to deliver a passport. When the ITIN is finalized, the IRS will send the application received  to the  address you specified.

Is There a Support Number I Can Reach?

You can call the IRS at 800-829-1040 if you are in the United States or at 267-941-11000 (a toll line) if you are outside the United States. This contact support allows you to check the status of your application seven weeks after submitting form W-7 and other documents.

If you are going to open a Paypal account, you need an ITIN. Since it is a 7-week process, you need to apply as soon as possible, but the ITIN is not enough for paypal, and you need to verify your address with an invoice in the USA.

As a result, in this content, we explained whether the ITIN application process is online or not. We mentioned that after you get the application form from the website, you must send it to the IRS address along with other documents.