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When Does a Non-US Person Need an ITIN?

When Does a Non-US Person Need an ITIN?


The question “when does a non-US person need an ITIN” is often asked by our clients. Let us explain what an ITIN exactly means:

An ITIN is an Individual Taxpayer Identification Number. ITIN is different from an Employer Identification Number which is abbreviated as EIN which is used for companies’ tax purposes (such as Limited Liability Company, LLC or Corporations). An ITIN is for individuals, where it is essentially equivalent to a Social Security Number (SSN). The citizens and the residents of the United States of America get an SSN which gives them the entitlement to work.

An ITIN is for people who might need a U.S. taxpayer id number, for instance; if:

  • You need to file a tax return,
  • You are a spouse or a dependent child, who is not a U.S. citizen or resident, of a U.S. taxpayer,
  • You have any sort of U.S. trade or business or effectively connected income in the USA, for example; you own a rental property which you are renting out.
  • You own a business, or you are processing credit cards,
  • You have any sort of tax filing obligation in the USA.

The process for getting an ITIN is not the easiest, in fact, it has gotten a little harder over the years because of some fraud that has happened with people getting ITINs.

At, we can help you obtain your ITIN. To get an ITIN as a Non-US Resident, you should have a US Company and EIN assigned to your business. In order to apply for an ITIN for you, we will need your:

  • Company Docs,
  • EIN Doc,
  • Passport scan (colored with a scanner),
  • US Visa Scan (if you have) (colored with a scanner),
  • Your home address (included ZIP).

Afterward, we will prepare your documents and send it to the Internal Revenue Service (IRS). Hopefully, within 40 or 60 days, we will get a response to the ITIN. Please remember that you should be aware that your application might be rejected, for whatever reason, where you must reapply. However, we have done hundreds of ITINs for people at

If you any questions about the process of getting an ITIN, we are happy to help you. Please do not hesitate to reach us via e-mail ([email protected]), online chat or phone call to get a consultation from our experienced US tax specialists.