Can I Apply for an ITIN Number by Myself?

Can I Apply for an ITIN Number by Myself

An ITIN application means an individual taxpayer identification number application in the United States. It is also an IRS-provided number for your tax filings. By the way, this number consists of nine digits in total. Also note that the ITIN number always starts with the number 9. 

So, who should get the ITIN number? The ITIN is a number that anyone who is a taxpayer in the United States must obtain. In addition, these people should not have a social security number (SSN). This number is issued regardless of immigration status. By the way, let’s talk about tax liability in the USA. If you live in the USA, you have tax liability. You may also have tax liability in some cases, even if you live outside the US. In order to obtain this number, individuals must have a tax liability in the United States and must file a federal income tax return.

How Do I Get an ITIN Number?

You can start for an ITIN application at any time of the year. Also you can apply for the ITIN individually. In addition, consulting companies that implement the necessary procedures for you to obtain an ITIN number make your work easier. In this way, you can easily overcome the application processes that seem complicated to you. If you have commercial and legal activities in the USA, you can get through the process more easily with a consulting firm. An important issue is; the IRS will not accept an ITIN application electronically.

Your Application Process Proceeds as Follows:

  • Your application process will begin by first obtaining a W-7 form through the IRS. Completely fill out the W-7 form.
  • Your passport or foreign status document needs to be sent to the IRS with your W-7 form.
  • At this point, it is important that your documents have not expired. Applicants before 2012 had to send a notarized copy of their passport. But some changes have been made in this regard. From now on, you need to send the original passport that has not expired.
  • The IRS agency returns the originals of the required documents to the address you specified on the W-7 form within 60 days of receipt.
  • For non-returned documents, you can reach the IRS at 800-829-1040 (USA) and 267-941-11000 (non-USA).
  • In addition to these, let us give you a tip. If you want to increase the chances of your ITIN application being approved, include the following in your application documents. Submit a current US visa, tax return form, and a document identifying yourself and your company on form W-7 to the IRS.

An Important Detail

If you have a plan to travel to the United States, you can apply by yourself. You can make an appointment with the IRS. In this way, the problem of proving its own reality will be eliminated. It also eliminates the need to send the original documents such as passports. The result of the ITIN application will be sent to the address you specify on the form.

How Do You Fill Out Form W-7?

First of all, you should search for the ‘IRS W-7’ form through search engines. Or you can find a PDF of the form on the IRS’s official website. After you open the form, you should tick the non-resident option at the top. Fill in the first and last name. Then, you must write the address of your real or virtual office in the USA in the address line.

In the third part of the form, the following information is requested from you. You need to enter the address information where you live in your own country. Already when you examine the 3rd part of the W-7 form, you will see the necessary blanks. 

In addition, after completing the 4th and 5th sections containing the identity and gender information, you come to the 6th section. Depending to ITIN application in this section, you need to choose the type of document you are applying for. This type of document will be presented to you in options as passport, driver’s license or identity documents. 

Then you should add your phone number along with the country code. Thus the form filling process is completed. Finally, you should print out the form and sign it. The important point here is; depending to ITIN application you should definitely use only English characters when filling out the form.