Where Can I Find My EIN Number?

Where Can I Find My EIN Number?


Under this title, we will talk about what to do if you have lost your EIN number and asking how to find my EIN Number that you obtained as a result of the EIN application process. If you already have a commercial identity in the USA, we recommend you to read the rest of the content written under this title.

Because of that: In the USA, it is not possible to take any action without having an EIN number corresponding to your commercial identity. But, how can you find your EIN number? Let’s give you the answer to this question.

How Can I Find My EIN Number?

‘I can’t find my EIN number!’

‘How can I find my EIN number?’

‘I lost my EIN number!’

You must have heard dozens of sentences like the ones above from company owners who were in a panic because they couldn’t find the EIN number. If you have lost the number you received as a result of your EIN application, you have several options.

Call the Consulting Firm

If you have obtained your EIN number through a consultancy firm, you can find out your EIN number by calling the firm.

If the consulting firm did not obtain your EIN number on your behalf, you should look at your company’s recent records. When you applied for an EIN number, the IRS sent you a computerized statement. This is for confirmation of your application and serves as a receipt for your EIN number.

If you cannot find your EIN number in your records, the next option is to contact your bank. Because of that: The Federal Tax Number received at the end of the EIN application process is required to open a corporate bank account. So it can be found on your file at the bank.

In addition, if you have applied for any local or state license, your EIN will be included in that institution’s records and correspondence.

You Can Ask the IRS for Help

You have tried all these but still cannot find your EIN number. You can ask the IRS for help. You can have the IRS call your EIN number by calling the Specialization Line. The phone number is 800-829-4933 and is available Monday to Friday from 7:00 to 22:00.

Representatives who are experts in the EIN application process will ask you a series of questions, such as the name of the company director or member, to ensure you are a company official. After all this is verified, the IRS official will provide you with your EIN number. Since the IRS is a busy institution, you may be on the phone for a long time.

Do You Need a New EIN Number?

Usually, a new EIN number is needed when the owner or structure of the company changes. However, when it comes to a business name change, a new EIN number is not required. There are several factors that initiate the EIN application process for a new number. The first of these is individual business ownership, while the other is company ownership, known as corporation.

Of course, we talked about EIN number needs for company and individual ownerships here. Apart from this, there are cases where it is necessary to obtain a new EIN number for other business types such as partnerships, LLC (Limited Liability Corporations / Limited Liability Corporation).


Let’s end our content with a little warning here. It is better, if you apply for the EIN application with agencies in case you lost the copy with you. You will have a back option someone is keeping your EIN Number for you. If you are going to establish a business of your own on the territory of the USA, you have to get this EIN number. If you decided we can obtain your EIN Number for you and you will never say how to find my EIN Number again.