What is ITIN?

What is ITIN?

The ITIN number is the individual taxpayer identification number, and this number is an IRS provided number for your tax filings. One subject you should know about ITIN application is this number consists of nine digits in total. It always starts with the number 9.

Nine digits number is assigned to individuals who are taxpayers in the United States but do not or cannot have a Social Security Number (SSN).This number is assigned regardless of immigration status; because US tax responsibilities may include USA residents and non-USA residents. To have an ITIN, individuals must have a tax liability in the USA. They must file a federal income tax return.

What Is ITIN Used For?

The ITIN number is used for federal tax reporting purposes only. The IRS has this number the reason for the appointment is that American taxpayers do not have a social security number to help them comply with the law.

The following cannot be done with the ITIN application:

  • Cannot work in a job in America.
  • Social Security benefits cannot be used.

Who Needs to Have an ITIN Number?

The IRS has made this number available to foreigners and other citizens who have federal tax filing obligations but do not have a Social Security Number (SSN). For example, you live or are in the USA and you have to pay tax on your earnings in some way. In this case, this number must be obtained in order to benefit from the tax refund as a foreigner who must pay taxes in the United States.

Other people who need an ITIN application:

  • Foreigners who have tax liability in the USA but do not live in the USA
  • Those who need payment systems 
  • Foreigners living in the USA who have tax liability in the USA (according to the number of days they stay in the USA)
  • Family members of an American citizen or a foreigner living in the United States
  • Family members of a foreigner who is not a USA citizen but holds a USA visa

How Can I Find Out If I Need an ITIN?

You may not have an American Social Security Number (SSN). In addition, you may not have the features you need to have for ITIN application. However, if you must hold a federal tax identification number in the United States and file a tax return if necessary, you must apply for an ITIN.

If you already have an SSN application, do not apply for an ITIN at the same time. Complete the form only if the Social Security Administration (SSA) has told you that you cannot obtain a social security number.

When and How Can I Get My ITIN Number?

Your ITIN application is completed immediately. It will be delivered to you digitally within 10-14 weeks. After your application is approved, a notification including your ITIN number will be sent by the IRS within an average of 8 weeks. Obtaining an ITIN number is somewhat complicated. It is a very good method to obtain an ITIN Number with the help of a professional team. Fill out the application form to start your ITIN application. If you are going to get help from the agencies that do the application, it will be sufficient to send only the color scan of your passport to the agency.

Does ITIN Need to be Renewed?

Yes, it can be requested to be renewed periodically. According to the IRS, if existing ITIN holders are required to file a tax return in 2021, those with an expired ITIN must renew. Using an expired ITIN on a USA tax return counts as timely filing, but there will be no refunds. Let’s finish our content after our answer about the renewal of the ITIN number. In this content, you can find all the details you wonder about the ITIN application.