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What is IRS ITIN Application by Form w7?

IRS assigns ITIN (is an individual taxpayer identification number) with application with form W7. ITIN is one of nine-digit individual tax ID number. An individual can only use ITIN for IRS Tax purposes after approved form w7.

What is ITIN?

What is form w7 work for?

IRS only recognizes form w7 form to approve an ITIN application. Filing a form w7 is not sufficient to obtain an ITIN. There are different types of applications on the ITIN application. Before you start an application, you should know which type of application is suitable for you. Here are the ITIN application types as follows;

ITIN Application by Filing Federal Income Tax Return

If you have the income to file a federal income tax return, You are eligible to apply for an ITIN. So, you should prepare and submit your federal income tax return with the ITIN application together. Do not forget your passport.

ITIN Application by Claiming Tax Treaty Benefit

There are tax treaties between the US and many countries. Before using this way we recommend you check if there is a treaty agreement between your company and US. You can check US Tax treaty Agreements with other countries.

ITIN Application by being a US company owner

If an individual is an owner of a US company, this individual is eligible to apply for an ITIN. You should prepare your US Company Documents and your passport.

ITIN Application by being a dependent of a US Citizen or US Resident

You can apply for ITIN if you are a dependent of a US citizen or US resident. People think it is so easy to apply for an ITIN in this way. It also requires a federal income tax return filing. If spouses apply, they should file Married Filing Jointly.


As a result, Form w7 is significantly important for IRS in ITIN application. Form w7 seems just one page. And it is so easy to apply for an ITIN with form w7. Most of the types of applications are obviously for non-residents. That is why a passport is important to prove the identity of the applicant.

If you want to apply new ITIN Application we are here to assist you to apply for your ITIN.
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