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How to Get EIN from Outside of the USA

How to Get EIN from Outside of the USA

If you set up a company in the US as a non-resident, you need to do post-formation steps. EIN is one of the post-formation steps, and it might be a little complicated for Non-US residents.

If you are reading this article, and you do not have a company in the US, please contact us.  We can provide you a Delaware company for $179, and it will include 1-year of free registered agent service with including all state fees as well.

To apply for an EIN from outside of the US, you need to complete company formation documents and the SS4 form. Once you fill out these forms correctly you need to send them to the IRS by Fax. We can do and track all these steps and also provide you with an EIN much faster. We only charge $65 for the EIN application and it is delivered to your e-mail. After we send your e-mail, the IRS will also send you a copy of your number by USPS post.

With us, you can open a bank account, get a mobile line for your company, hire people, and you can also give 1099 to your contractors. An EIN is a must for your company to keep in good standing. Mostly, non-US citizens are not familiar with the process. Order now with us, and everything is hassle-free so you can start to work in the trusted US economy zone.

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