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How can I prove that you own a LLC in Delaware?

How can I prove that you own a LLC in Delaware?

Delaware LLCs are the most well-known company type in Delaware and they are probably one of the most flexible types of business types that you can encounter anywhere in the world due to the legal protection and flexibility that provide to their owners. Whether you are a single entrepreneur or a family business, or a partnership with many members, LLCs fit into any situation to start a business.

In short, LLC is the abbreviation for Limited Liability Company; which, as the name suggests, burdens the owner(s) of a company with limited liability both financially and administratively. Unlike a corporation, the members of an LLC have the freedom to attain the roles, responsibilities, and liabilities of the single members of the company. Through the Operating Agreement which is written and signed by the members of the LLC, the owners of the company can determine their respective roles.

The main feature of an LLC is that the members of an LLC are not required to publicly disclose any personal information to form and maintain their companies. In addition, this privacy can save resources and time if the company decides to add, drop, or transfer members to or from the company in the future. In conclusion, when you start an LLC in Delaware, your information is kept confidential, and you do not have to state who started the business. Accordingly, you don’t have to give information about the other members. However, this may sometimes create problems, especially when you need to state who the owner of your company is.


To remedy this, the above-mentioned “Operating  Agreement” which includes the regulations about the authority, shares, and liabilities comes into play. As all members should sign this agreement,  you can use this agreement if you need to prove you are a member/owner of this company. Accordingly, there should also be a membership certificate for each member of the company. You can also provide this certificate when needed. This certificate usually states the shares, number of stock shares, and the liabilities of a member.

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