How to Get EIN Number for Amazon?

Amazon Ein Number

Amazon Ein Number, If you wonder whether you need an EIN or ITIN to sell on Amazon, please read on. Most of the time, we get asked by our clients if it’s possible for them to sell on Amazon and is it required to get an EIN or ITIN. We can say ‘yes’ to both of these questions.

Because of tax purposes, in order to run a business in the US, Social Security Numbers (SSN) and Employer Identification Numbers (EIN) are highly important. In order to report sales and numbers to the IRS by the end of the year, Amazon needs these identification numbers to identify the seller.

Amazon sellers who have an SSN or ITIN can easily get an EIN while those who do not have an ITIN or SSN usually inquire how to get an EIN number to sell on Amazon.

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Does Amazon Accept ITIN Number?

We have given you all the details you need to know about your Amazon EIN number. However, apart from the Amazon EIN number details, another issue is frequently asked. This issue is whether global-scale e-commerce platforms such as Amazon accept the conduct of commercial activities with ITIN.

To sell on Amazon, you must have completed the application for your Amazon EIN number. Especially if your company, which carries out commercial activities on Amazon, has reached a certain turnover, then you will definitely need to create an account with your Amazon EIN number.

But what if you are still selling individually on Amazon? What should you do? It is possible for those who want to carry out commercial activities in the USA or Amazon to take small steps by using your ITIN number. Your Amazon EIN number can be used after your business’ turnover increases. But if your goals are significant in the first place, you should start directly using your Amazon EIN number.

You can always contact us at for applications such as your Amazon EIN number or ITIN number. In order to get your ITIN number other than your Amazon EIN number, you can follow the steps that we will share with you:

How to Apply for ITIN Number for Amazon?

You must take a few basic application steps to file a tax return on Amazon using your ITIN number. Of course, the beginning of these steps is to start the application process by providing the necessary documents. You can consult us before providing your documents. The correct declaration of documents plays an important role in the EIN and ITIN application process for the IRS.

  • First of all, you need to fill out a W-7 form for the ITIN application. When filling out the form, it is especially important that you write the address and contact information correctly. Then, you need to include a notary-approved passport copy and a document showing that you are a foreign national among the documents to be declared to the IRS.
  • You can make the process faster by acting with us throughout the entire application procedure. EIN and ITIN applications to the IRS will typically result in 7-8 weeks at best. It is important that you receive consultancy and application services from us so that the process does not prolong.
  • Thanks to the online application, you can also apply from your country of residence. In other words, to apply for an ITIN or EIN, you do not need to be in the USA and apply to the IRS in person.

Reasons that you will need an EIN to sell on Amazon. 

– Amazon needs to be able to identify the seller.

In order to prevent a problem where Amazon sellers could potentially have multiple accounts, this is one of the several ways to protect sellers as well as buyers.

– Tax purposes for the Internal Revenue Service (IRS). (Amazon Ein Number)

By the end of each year, Amazon disclose sales numbers to IRS and then compares them to the numbers that each Amazon seller reported to the IRS. Amazon can’t submit these to IRS without an EIN number.

– Importing and customs.

US Customs and Border Protection (CBP) requires an identifying number as well. More generally, you can give more information to CBP during the import so that your goods will be in Amazon’s warehouses faster.

What is an Employer Identification Number (EIN)? (Amazon Ein Number)

An Employer Identification Number also called Federal Tax Identification Number is a nine-digit number assigned by the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) to classify taxpayers who need to pay tax returns. (Amazon Ein Number)

The application process to obtain an EIN requires an ITIN or an SSN for Amazon sellers. However, if they do not have either of these, they will seek info about how to get an EIN to sell on Amazon. To see more check out

Who is eligible to get an EIN?

Regardless of the size of your business, all owners of business need an EIN. You must obtain an EIN whether you are an LLC, a corporation or sole proprietor if you pay more than $600 annually. Amazon sellers must be aware of that owning a business is a sole proprietorship and having no employees do not affect to apply for an EIN. There is not strict eligibility to apply for EIN. You can either be an individual or you may have a US business. It does not matter, you can apply for EIN.

Here is the key point; If you get an EIN as individual, you can not use this EIN if you plan to form an LLC later. The EIN you obtained as Individual will belong to you as individually. If you start an LLC or INC you will need a new EIN for your company.

Why Do Businesses Need an EIN Number?

In the US, an EIN number is issued by the IRS to identify the business for tax purposes. We can say: EIN number is given to businesses, ITIN number is given to individuals. In the scope of the title,’ How to get EIN number for Amazon,’ we can say that: A business needs an EIN number if it performs one of the following actions:

  • If the business hires employees, it needs a tax number.
  • An EIN is required if operating as a corporation or partnership.
  • If the business is going to pay a non-US resident, it needs an EIN number. In addition, an EIN number is required for withholding tax on income.
  • In addition, this number is needed in tax returns for excise and employment. An EIN number is required on tax returns for firearms, alcohol, and tobacco.
  • An EIN number is required if the business is located in an organization such as a property, foundation, non-profit organization.
  • Even if your business doesn’t meet these criteria, you still need an EIN number. Depending on the title,’ How to get EIN number for Amazon,’ we can say that:   An EIN is required to open a commercial bank account for your business. Also, if you have an EIN number, you do not need to give your SSN number to third parties.

When is an EIN Required for Your Amazon Account?

Even if you are the sole member of your LLC, you can choose the following options on Amazon. In other words, change the way your LLC is taxed. For this you have to choose an S-Corp and C-Corp. Depending on the title,’ How to get EIN number for Amazon,’ we can say that:   When you choose this way, you are considered an S-Corp or C-Corp in the eyes of the IRS. As a result, you can be a single member in your LLC. But you will need an EIN number when you enter either S-Corp or C-Corp selections.

If you’re wondering whether you should get one of these choices for your LLC, you should research the benefits of this transaction. We recommend that you consult your accountant for this. Each ABD state has different processes for these options. For this reason, each ABD state’s EIN number application processes will be different in this context. You should find out if these processes are beneficial for you.

An LLC with Multiple Members

LLCs with multiple members that are S-Corporation or C-Corporation are automatically considered partners. In the scope of the title,’ How to get EIN number for Amazon,’ we can say that: You will need an EIN number at Amazon for this. If the IRS agency considers an LLC an S-Corp, C-Corp, or Partnership, you can skip the LLC section on the Amazon site. So when it comes to taxation, you are treated the same as selected LLCs. However, you should choose the tax classification section on the Amazon site correctly.

Getting an EIN Number for Amazon

To apply for the EIN number for Amazon, you can use online, mail, fax. Also, if you are an international applicant, contact the application by phone. You must have Form SS-4 for the EIN number. The most important issue is the online application for the EIN number. In the scope of the title,’ How to get EIN number for Amazon,’ we can say that: Online application is the most convenient and fastest method.

Do you need an ITIN or SSN to get an EIN? 

Having an ITIN or SSN to acquire an EIN is not necessary actually. But there are some factors that you must consider.

-Structure of the corporation (S-Corporation, LLC, C-Corporation, etc.) (Amazon Ein Number)

-If you are U.S. resident or non-U.S. resident

-U.S. based co-founders of the business

-Association of a business with an American accountant or a lawyer.

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