US Mobile Phone Number

How to Get a US Mobile Phone Number?

How to Get a US Mobile Phone Number?

After you have formed a US company, getting a US mobile phone number is one of the most important things to do.

With this phone plan, you can access two packages as we explain below:

Unlimited Calls, Texts and Data Plan

  • You can access high-speed data up to 22 Gigabyte/person and then slower.  Video may stream at DVD-quality (480p).
  • Free text and data even if you are traveling. In addition, international data and texts are included.
  • You can also make free calls to 50+ countries & territories
  • Unlimited Plan is $50 each + taxes & gov’t fees.

Flexible Plan (Pay-as-you-go)

  • You will be charged only for the data you have used. The billing term is the end of the month, plan cost is $10 for each GB of data you use, down to the cent.
  • You will be subject to the same data and text charges while you are traveling.
  • Calling almost any destination in the world is affordable on this plan, starting at 1 cent per minute.
  • In case of data overuse in a month, you won’t pay too much since Bill Protection caps your bill. With Bill Protection, your group won’t be charged after they use 12 GB (that’s a max bill of $170)
  • Flexible Plan is $17 each + $10/GB for data + taxes & gov’t fees.
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