How to Change Registered Agent?

How to Change Registered Agent?

Change registered agent

To change registered agent, there are three things to file The Certificate of Change.

  • The name of your LLC (as mentioned in the state’s record)
  • The name of the new registered agent
  • A signature of consent from the new agent

There is no need to provide information about the address of the registered office unless you change the location.

The next step is Filing a Cover Memo. It means you’re ensuring expediency in the filing process by providing personal information to the Secretary of state’s office. You can also specify your preferences for expedited processing if you want. You just have to enter personal information and business information, such as payment information. All these instructions are also present on the form.

By filing a “Certificate of Amendment,” you can also change your registered agent. It costs $200. So, it would be better to rely on the Certificate of changes if you’re are not making changes that require a “Certificate of Amendment.”

Although businesses can update their annual report and Articles of Organization to change the registered agent in other states, Delaware does not offer this option. It is a must to use the designated forms there.

Do I Need a Registered Agent?

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