Where to Send EIN Application?

Where to Send EIN Application?

Since the EIN number is one of the most important options for a company today, we will inform you about EIN application. Many people do not know about this subject. We will try to make your work a little more practical at the point of process management by informing you as much as we can. In this content, we answered the question ‘Where to Send EIN Application?’ in detail.

What is SS4 Form?

After the LLC is formed, it is necessary to obtain an EIN Number for the company. An LLC company without an EIN cannot carry out any business activities. In short, after a person establishes a company in the USA, he/she must obtain an EIN number in order to be able to trade with the company.

If a person wants to get an EIN according to EIN application, he/she should fill in the SS4 form and fax it to the IRS. After the form is reviewed by IRS, the EIN number is written on the specified fax number and forwarded to the applicant. Sometimes the EIN number is reported by fax, or sometimes it is sent as a letter to the postal address in the USA written on the form.

Firms providing consultancy on this subject can fill out the SS4 form instead of those applying for an EIN number. Consulting firms can fax the Articles of Organization together with the form to the IRS. Then it remains to report the EIN number. The outcome of the EIN application depends entirely on the workload of the IRS. Sometimes the application is concluded in 2 weeks, while sometimes it can even take 6 weeks.

What is an EIN Confirmation Letter?

You set up your company, obtained a Federal Tax (or Employer) Identification Number (also known as an EIN), and ‘everything looks fine,’ while your bank asked you for an IRS-approved EIN. So, what are you supposed to do?

The IRS sends a letter of approval for EIN application it process. The EIN confirmation letter is known as CP 575 and is sent to the address specified on form SS4 within 8-10 weeks after your company has been assigned an EIN Number.

Contacting the IRS

Sometimes your bank or subcontractors may want to see this document. Unfortunately, this document can often be lost or lost, especially during international transmission. If one of these scenarios happens to you, don’t worry; if you don’t have an EIN confirmation letter, there is a solution. You can call the IRS directly at (267) 941-1099 in the topic EIN application. Then you can obtain your EIN confirmation letter known as 147C (optionally via fax).

Get Support from a Consulting Company

If the consulting firm has received your EIN approval letter on your behalf, you can request that your approval letter 147C be sent to the consulting firm’s address. As soon as the company receives the fax, it will forward the document to you by e-mail.

One thing you should not forget is that due to the privacy policy, the consulting firm does not have the authority to call the IRS on behalf of your company. So be prepared for long waiting times when you contact the IRS over the phone. Calling the IRS early in the morning can result in shorter waiting times. So it would be better for you to call around 9 am.

In fact, if you have any problems in obtaining an EIN number for your company or obtaining approval letter 147C, you can solve your problem by getting support from consulting firms.

Fax Form SS4

In these features, we talked about the SS4 form, virtual fax and EIN confirmation letter. Let’s briefly repeat the place where you submitted your EIN application and finish our content: Fill out the application form SS4, check it and sign it. Bring this form to high resolution PDF format. Then fax it to the IRS. You can use one of the high-quality virtual fax applications on the Internet.

Where to Send EIN Application?