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Frequently asked questions

The Individual Tax Identification number is designed to allow for tax reporting and payment for the following types of individuals:

-Residents of the United States who do not qualify for Social Security due to their status

-Non-resident aliens who have income tax reporting and filing obligations in the U.S.

-The spouses and dependents of people with either of the above status

It’s important to remember that this number is only designed for individual income tax reporting purposes. For business tax reporting, an EIN is needed. If individuals own businesses in the United States and incur individual tax obligations, the business and individual will each need their own tax reporting number, and the process for obtaining each is different.

The individual tax identification number is only for individuals who are not U.S. citizens. Citizens with tax reporting obligations, even those currently outside the United States, are not eligible to apply for an ITIN.

The form was designed to provide the IRS with all the information needed to verify the identity of the taxpaying non-citizen and to have current contact information on file with the IRS. Many ITIN applicants wonder where to send W-7 form information when it is completed. The answer to that question and many more can be found on the W-7 form instructions page here on the site.

If you are in those basic categories, you might be wondering “What do I need to get an ITIN number?” Luckily, the information about applications is easy to follow if you go step-by-step. What can be a little more challenging is the W-7 application itself. That’s why ITIN W-7 Application provides you with an easy-to-follow list of documents to be submitted for ITIN approval. These documents support the application by verifying vital information for the IRS.

In order to submit your ITIN application form, you must include supporting documentation that establishes your identity and your foreign status. If you’re claimed as a dependent, you’ll need to prove U.S. residency. These documents must be original or certified copies from the appropriate agency. If you send original documents to the IRS with your W-7, they will be returned to the mailing address you provide. Unless you’re applying for an ITIN renewal, you’ll also need to include the corresponding tax return.

If you plan to submit copies of ITIN documents, you need to make sure they are certified copies. Certified copies are provided directly from the issuing agency that made your original document. The issuing agency will provide a stamped certification seal proving that the copy is accurate. Certain consulates and embassies in foreign countries may be able to provide certified copies of ITIN needed documents. Contact your desired consulate or embassy to find out if it provides this service.

You may not want to send an original document to the IRS. If this is the case, don’t assume you can just make a copy of your passport or ID card at home. In order for your ITIN application to go through, your copies need to be certified.

What Is ITIN Document Certification?

In order to get certified copies of documents to be submitted for ITIN, you’ll need to ask the issuing agency for a copy. Only copies with an official seals stamped on them will be accepted. Some U.S. embassies and consulates provide certification services. If you want to get certified copies of your documents this way, you’ll need to reach out to the appropriate embassy or consulate directly and inquire about their document authentication services. Services vary between countries.

If you need a TIN number to file your taxes, you may assume the process will be complex and difficult. Anything related to taxes and the IRS may sound like it’s going to be a headache and take forever. However, here’s a quick and easy process to receive your ITIN:

  1. Fill out your W7 tax form online
  2. Review the documents required for ITIN
  3. Follow our simple filing instructions

Here’s how you can complete these three easy steps:

The Online ITIN Application

You don’t need to waste your time with filling out physical papers. With ITIN W-7 Application, you can easily fill out our simplified form. You can finish the IRS Form W-7 in minutes.

The IRS created the Individual Taxpayer Identification Number (ITIN) program in 1996 to provide a way for foreign nationals to pay taxes on money earned in the United States. But what about people who are not in the country lawfully? Even if you didn’t enter the country through legal means, you’re still required to report earnings and pay your fair share, and the way you do that is by filling out an ITIN application.

Claiming a non-citizen child as a dependent on your federal tax return who does not have or is not eligible to receive a Social Security Number requires an Individual Taxpayer Identification Number, more frequently referred to as an ITIN. You can fill out the W-7 application for an ITIN number online and download a printable PDF with the completed form, but the IRS requires that the application and supporting identification documents be mailed or delivered in person along with your federal tax return. This ensures that ITINs are used for tax reporting purposes only, as they are not supposed to be used for identification or employment purposes.

At ITIN W-7 Application, we simplify the document preparation process. Our online service guides you through each step with easy-to-follow instructions and includes a convenient checklist containing the documents required for ITIN to ensure nothing is overlooked. The IRS requires a combination of two or more documents on the list to prove the identity and foreign status of the dependent. Because it can take the IRS up to seven weeks to issue the nine-digit number after you apply for an ITIN and you could incur a penalty for not filing your tax return by the deadline, it is critical that nothing is out of place that could delay the process any longer.

Start Your ITIN Application Now

All you need to start the ITIN application process is your U.S. Visa number and expiration date, your foreign Tax ID Number (if applicable), and some basic personal information. Our system automatically enters everything in the correct field on the W-7, eliminating any confusion or guesswork. We also have an experienced customer service team standing by, ready to answer any questions you may have regarding your unique situation and the application process.

An Individual Taxpayer Identification Number (ITIN) is an important tool that allows foreign nationals who don’t qualify for a Social Security Number (SSN) to file a federal income tax return. If you’ve gone through the ITIN application process, you might be wondering if your number will ever expire. The short answer is yes, but one of two circumstances must take place for expiration to occur:

Your ITIN hasn’t been used on a federal tax return at least once in three consecutive years
The middle two digits of your ITIN are 70, 71, 72, 78, 79 or 80

Should your number meet either of these criteria, you’re facing the expiration of your ITIN, which means it’s important to start the renewal process as soon as possible if you’d like to avoid a delay in your tax refund.

How To Renew an Expired ITIN

If your number has expired, you might ask yourself “what do I need to get an ITIN number again,” and the renewal process works the same way as your initial application, although you don’t need to include a federal tax return. You’ll have to fill out another W-7 form and submit it to the IRS along with an original, valid passport or two of the other ITIN needed documents used to establish your identity and foreign status. You can also choose to renew the ITINs of your entire family, even if they don’t include the affected numbers.

Avoid Delays by Renewing Today

As a taxpayer, you’re legally entitled to a refund of any extra money you’ve paid, but you need a valid ITIN to file your yearly return. If the IRS sends you a letter notifying you of your number’s expiration, it’s in your best interest to start your renewal as soon as possible. If you need help determining where to send W7 form documentation or you’re having difficulty filling out the necessary paperwork, let the professionals at ITIN W-7 Application help.

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